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I don't know where you got the number 7 but there were more like 90.. I sent an email with my bank statements with the Uber eats charges circled with the date and time with the card number that it was used and they told me they can't open APDF but they wanted me to take a screenshot of each and every transaction separately instead of the whole bank statement and that they couldn't do or open APDF..

Then I asked to speak to a supervisor and they said in order for me to speak to a supervisor I would have to get a call back from a supervisor and I said OK can you tell me when I can expect the phone call they said 2 hours I said OK if I don't get a call back in 2 hours I'll go ahead and let the fraud department for my bank do their investigation.

Obviously I did not get a call back in 2 hours so now my bank is going to do their own investigation. I will never use Uber eats everno wayno

Location: Tampa, Florida

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