So I have made orders previously from UberEats and have always been charged the amount for the order and a tip fee if I felt the service was decent, last time being June 28th,2019 from McDonald’s what happened is I ordered food early in the morning and A&W took a while to respond the first time so I cancelled those charges were reversed and I tried again and it went through.. I get charged $17.97 and find out that there is a random temporary authorization hold placed for that amount and so I get charged $17.97+$2 tip to the driver for the amount of $19.97, I contacted support to express this concern and get told oh that they have the right to charge it like a hotel does with a deposit when checking in, so I check my bank statement and see the reversal for $19.97 at 6:47pm but at 2:49am on August 2nd i see that it’s gone from my bank statement and $19.97 has been removed again from my funds, i reach out to support and get told it’s been voided and to contact my bank yet I do not see the issue corrected and have decided I will never use the services again after this experience.

Location: Saint-Laurent, Quebec

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