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Had a run inwith one of your drivers who delivered to 12765 matteson ave, La, 90066. She had parked in my spot across the street from where she was delivering to, she had a standard poodle with her, she was training it as she went.

Usually. I big deal when someone parks in my spot, but this wasnt even for our building. Why could she not have parked on their property, or even double parked. She got extremely aggressive, video tapes the whole thing and continued to call me Karen.

I did not give her permission to tape me, but did not object as she was being so aggressive. I need up waking away, not because she told me to do so, but to diffuse the situation. I had better not see or hear about this video in the internet. She is an extremely poor representative of your company, very poor.

She was being so loud that when I turned up my path three of my neighbors were out of their apartments looking to see what was going on.

I made no reference that she is an African American lady, I dont care about that.

But she did reference my skin colour, and the fact that I have a short haircut, I dont hide the fact that I am gay.

Now this comes from a person whos race that is always going on about being discriminated against. I never got here in arguments, to me this is hitting below the belt and is uncalled for.

I am not happy with this situation at all.

Also we do have signs posted about parking, she said she knows her rights, but she cannot park on private property, you have to inform your drivers of this.

I need for you to respond to this email.

Preferred solution: An acknowledgment from the company.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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