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Did not follow directions for the address and got a very bad attitude when I tried to direct him to my location, I was asking questions such as (what is the name on the sign at the location, what do you see etc.) he never answered the questions, but he got furious and started yelling. I proceeded to grab my keys, and leave my w@h job, to meet him, because on the tracker it showed he was not far, he argued he was at the apartments outside, I explained to him that it is more than one apartment complex on the street, I provided the name of my complex along with a description and I offered to meet him, he argued and yelled the entire time, then told me to cancel the order.

Upon arriving to the restaurant, he called and told me that there was a long wait, and he was going to leave if he had not received the order within 5 minutes, I explained to him that I knew there was a long wait time before I processed the order, but if he had to leave he could, which lead me to feel like his frustration was initially from the long wait at the restaurant. I never used this service before, and today it would have been very convenient, being that it was not, I will definitely not recommend this delivery service to anyone, if you all have drivers like Bamidele" this was awful!

The photos provided are pictures of the actual complex I am located, and the other complex, is where Bamidele was sitting arguing with me. argued proceededti

Product or Service Mentioned: Ubereats Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $26.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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