I called to ask where my food was.i have specific instructions when i order on uber eats to go to security.security will direct you to customers door he is on the first floor.customer is in a wheel chair .the guy asked who it is. I told him my name .he said he left it at the front desk.i asked why he did that.i have specific instructions. He said their is no instructions.i looked at the receipt later .That shows me he is either lying or doesnt care i asked how would you feel if he was jn my shoes.i told him i had a stroke 2 years ago and i cant negotiate stairs and hold food in my right hand .he said what aee we going to go back and forth.he said i could be nicer .he said of course he would have delivered if there were instructions to deliver to my door.i know there is a pandemic and oeople need jobs but this delivery person was disrepectful,needs a clue,didnt read the instructions he tried to make it seem my fault.Not only this punk kid doesnt deserve this job ,he needs his teeth kicked in .im a veteran who served his country and always did the best at what ever job at i had.i read the instructions and i resoected people.noone is entitled .

Location: New York, New York

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