Hi, with due respect i am writting to inform you that i am a new uber eats driver. Ubereats apps just requesting me to update my certificate of motor insurance.

Now i have uploaded my certificate of motor insurance that's valid until 12/10/2020 and today i received another renewel certificate of motor insurance from my admiral insurance company that is valid from 12/10/2020 to 12/10/2021 and both certificate are valied but uber eats have not been accepting my both certificate. I dont know why they are not accepting? Yesterday before it was accepted and after one day uber eats asking me update my certificate of my motor insurance again. Even i have food delivery insurance with zego and already i have top up enough more credit in my zego food insurance company and it is direct debit with my bank.

They monthly take my insurance money from my bank. I showed submitted all documents of my both insurance but still uber eats asking me for update my certificate of my motor insurance and not accepting my documents and sometime ask me it is invalid documents! Please check my both insurance documents it is clearly mention validity of motor insurance certificate.

So, i am kindly request you to check my eligible documents and sort out this problem of issue asap. If u accept my request it will be highly kind of you and do not hesitate to contact with me over the phone.Thanking you, Badshah Ahmed.

Location: London, England

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