I live in Arizona but ordered food to be delivered to my sons home in Las Vegas. When I ordered the food on the Zupas website I selected the delivery time of 5:30 PM.

When I received confirmation the delivery time had been changed to 4:30 PM, probably due to the one hour time difference between Arizona and Las Vegas. I immediately called the Zupas Restaurant where the food was being prepared to request at the time the 5:30 PM Las Vegas time. The store told me that they couldnt make any change that it had to happen with Uber eats. They gave me a phone number, which did not work.

I also tried to contact customer service phone number that was on Google. The message came through that Uber eats did not take any phone messages or have any customer service that way and then I would need to use the app.

I downloaded the Uber Eats app but That was not helpful because I did not even order the food through Uber eats I ordered it through Zupas. In the end I was not able to change the time and was very frustrated.

User's recommendation: Don’t order your food delivered the way we did if a time change is involved.

Location: Chandler, Arizona

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