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I placed an order around 330pm only to find out around 530pm that it had been canceled with no notice or information provided. I placed another order (over $200) around 620pm and learned an hour later that it had been canceled due to undeliverable.

No further explanation and no refund. Theres no valid phone number for customer service and the chat now option was unavailable. I submitted an email and received a response this morning stating that the order has already been started by the restaurant and a refund would not be available. What?!

This generic response had nothing to do with my question. I didnt cancel my order and I was certainly available the entire day (hours upon hours) waiting for food that was never delivered. I made sure to check my account and all my contact information was good.

Ill clearly need to dispute it with my credit card company. Smh what a hassle and Poor (non-existent) service.

User's recommendation: Stay away from UberEats.

Location: Greensboro, North Carolina

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