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I have lived in my house for over 7 years now. Nov.

7th was my birthday though I've attempted to celebrate it on the 8th...TODAY! Unfortunately my drivers license expired on the 7th (a Sunday). I took care of this online earlier the previous week but have not received it in the mail as of the 8th. The Uber driver would NOT take my license as it was expired as of the day before.

What is really F'd up is that the only other thing they take as ID is a passport. While I have misplaced mine...not everyone even had a passport! I had other multiple forms of ID including a birth certificate and still that was not enough.

The irony here is that UBER sent ME this confetti driven notification a week ago because I had ordered from that same store 37 times in the past 7 years I have lived in the same house. So today, during my birthday celebration, I was forced to give the alcohol back to the driver (humiliating) then was informed, that I will still be charged $15 dollars.

When I called, a man who said he spoke with a supervisor regarding the charge had told him..."oh well those are the rules." WOW UBER! Really? Thank you for not only the humiliation on my birthday but also the charge that we all know you should have returned. I did not order it to try and trick the driver or anything like that.

I hadn't done it the past 37 TIMES...not sure why I'd start now! This company cares nothing for account holders and like many others has gotten too big to care about and actual human being.

User's recommendation: Don't. Good luck if something goes wrong...they don't care!

Monetary Loss: $15.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Location: Apopka, Florida

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