If it is for Uber eats and Uber rides someone got hold of my information is using it on another account the card ending in 6221 that you keep calling me about and telling me iomand tell him I owe money or you're charging me and you need to find out who's delivering to and file fraud against them cause you won't tell me who it is I want to know where the deliveries are going to because they're not mine on the 30th there was an Uber ride it's not mine on the 25th there was Uber food and Uber rides they're not mine but they're charged some my card on 6221 which I can't solve I also cancel out my Uber and my Uber eats because of this and I wanna know who's doing it and I want charges filed against them and I want to call back from Uber corporate or I'm gonna follow a lawsuit against you guys I am pied applying games here

Location: Orlando, Florida

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