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You had a driver by the name of Angelica deliver a food order to my door this morning at 6301 Stone wood drive apt 3003# Plano Texas 75024 at 11;30 am on 01-30-2021 she was supposed to deliver it to our neighbors but instead she rung our door bell at that time we didnt know that we thought our friends or family had sent us the package of donuts sausage rolls burritos and dunkers due to my husband being a disabled veteran. My husband accepted the food order came up stairs I opened it and he had one donut then minute she rung the door bell again and said she made mistake can she have the food back said ok told her it was open Im sorry we thought it was for us my veteran had a donut and she said to me why did we eat it if we didnt buy it .

Explained to her it was a mistake she said again did you eat it said no and she said it wasnt ours to eat and we have never ordered from you and she made you guys look so unprofessional and I gave the food back and was insulted and attacked verbally by your employee lol how sad is that!

My veteran thinks your company owes us a apology and a credit for us to get out own meal after she treated us that way. Please contact me at 469-562-**** for Kathy Selmon and David Selmon there

Preferred solution: Apologies and gift card to replace what was taken away for the rudeness after I tried to do the right thing to the unprofessional rude disrespectful unprofessional attitude to your employee.

Location: Plano, Texas

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