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I've used Uber for trips a lot in the past, though I've had problems with those, too, just not related to the service--only a few of the drivers. Trying Uber Eats, I thought it couldn't be that different than any other delivery service.

I was very, very wrong. I signed up for Uber Eats Pass, thinking I could save some money. My first order was fine... until I realized they charged me a "subtotal adjustment" of $18.19 on a $37.80 order.

I couldn't believe it. Nothing in my order was changed, so that couldn't explain the charge. There's no way to contact customer service, which means they have no customer service. You have to use the "Help" in the app, but what good is that when we're talking about food delivery?

If there's an issue, you need help right away, not hours or days after your order. I had to wait until the following day to get a response, and then the response was: Can you please provide details? Which tells me their pathetic app can't even link to the order. So I did.

I waited several more hours. In the reply I received, no explanation was provided except something to the effect of "these things happen sometimes," no refund was offered, and then the "priority support" agent had the gall to thank me for being a Gold member. Well, here's the thing: I'm no longer a Gold member. I immediately deleted my Uber account and filed a complaint with the BBB for my refund.

Although there aren't a lot of choices with ride share services, I'll take my chances with Lyft. Maybe Lyft will actually bother to treat me like they value my patronage. P.S.

I didn't even get my 5% discount, which I was supposed to receive for signing up with Uber Eats Pass. How pathetic is that?DonDo

Monetary Loss: $18.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Ubereats Pros: Convenience.

Ubereats Cons: Non-existent customer service, Irresponsible or unprofessional drivers, Delayed delivery, High fees.

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Uber Eats did contact me and basically stated "it is what it is." I got no refund, no discount, nothing. I have since deleted my Uber account. I won't patronize a business that charges such high unnamed fees for no stated reason and offers no customer service what so ever.

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