Hi my name is Ja Tawn Avant and I have an account with Ubereats. On Thursday 8/26, I placed an order at Braddock Breakfast in Queens at 1:34pm through the app.

I followed the app and the driver arrived on my block at 2:01pm I stood at my front door and saw him park than drive off. Than he went all the way down to the corner stood there and turned the corner.

His windows were so dark and he was looking straight ahead for me to try and wave him down. He never once got out and looked at addresses or see me standing outside my front door.

I then called him and asked if he was the delivery guy, when he said yes I told him I saw you drive down my block, what's taking so long? He said in a very abruptly he can't find the address. I told him he should have gotten out and looked at the addresses. He told me not to speak to him that way and called me a *** I said did you just curse at me, he said yes I did, I'm not a child.

I hung up, I then saw his car come down the street he got out and put my order on the ground, said *** you and *** your mother and drove off. Attached is his photo and name. I think this person should be fired as a driver.

User's recommendation: Do not use this driver Nathaniel.

Location: New York, New York

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