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I just wanted to make you all aware, my best friend placed an order to deliver at 6556 Milhoff Rd. Dayton, OH I was approaching her house to stop by for a visit and your female driver that was delivering the order decided to go into the oncoming Lane where there was another truck coming, I was stopped to let this truck pull out of their driveway and your driver completely cut me off and the truck off almost hitting the truck just to hurry up and get to her house and I realized that she was dropping an order off at the house so when she got out of the vehicle I kindly alerted her and let her know that she almost caused an accident and that she needed to be more careful and watch out.

she proceeded to say the truck was allowing her to pass when in fact I know that the truck did not allow her to pass. The driver of the truck and I were dumbfounded. she did not even break her vehicle or attempt to stop she decided to completely round my car get into the opposite lane and cut that truck off and if that truck wouldn't have stopped it would have caused an accident. she proceeded to stomp up to my best friend's front door and knock extremely hard and then just instantly start attacking my friend verbally saying that she was going to report her and I was threatening her when in fact I was calm and collected the entire time.

she also preceded take pictures of my vehicle and I have my children in there and that is an extreme invasion of privacy and she had no right to do that. I just want to make you aware of this situation because I want to ensure that my best friend that placed the order is not put on some sort of list for she cannot receive delivery because it was threatened to her by the employee and with her taking pictures of my vehicles it really makes me worried so I just want to make you aware if you have any questions you have my number you can reach out to me but I think this is totally unacceptable especially for this to be your position and be driving to different locations that reckless driving is going to get somebody hurt or Worse killed and I think you guys need to be aware of it and something needs to be brought to her attention thank you

User's recommendation: Get rid of that driver she is a hazard.

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