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If i could rate you negative starts i would. You went public and your prices became ASTRONOMICAL.

No one should be paying 20 for a 10 piece nugget meal. But then to he so undependable? Cold stale nasty food or the fact A DRINK BLEW UP IN THE BAG LAST NIGHT AT 3am AND LEAKED ACROSS MY ENTIRE HOUSE BECAUSE IT WAS STILL DELIVERED?! the bag containing the food was soaked through and tore while i picked up so the already somewhat souled food poured into the puddle in the bag make everything even more inedible but WAS STILL DELIVERED TO MY HOUSE LIKE THAT?

I even thought the cheese burger was able to be saved but 2 bites in the bun was soaked with coke and i spit it out. 24.24$ later and all in the trash. So i spend the next 30 mins quietly cleaning the sticky floors from where i trailed coke through the entire fricken house.

Thanks uber eats. You arent worth your weight in ***

User's recommendation: Be cheaper be better. Odds of happening are -100%.

Location: Massapequa, New York

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