I have to make a complaint to Uber Eats.

The complaint is not only because I am unable to use the voucher shown below, but because a number of Uber Eats support representatives are unable to solve the issue. The support process is time-consuming and frustrating.

Shar suggested that I needed to put my bank details in. I dont need to provide my bank details to Uber to be able to use the voucher.

Ramon Christopher advised that he couldnt do anything as the issue has been reported to the specialized team despite I explained to him that it would be too late for the specialist to contact me as the voucher has an expiry date.

Serb was the same not willing to help but left the chat.

Jino advised that there is privacy policy not to give out the supervisors name but all the support representatives have their name shown on the chat.

My voucher expires on March 7th.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,


User's recommendation: No Uber Eats.

Location: Toronto, Ontario

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