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Update by user Sep 21, 2021



Update by user Sep 21, 2021

As of today, September 21st, I have decided I am taking legal action against Uber/UberEats/Postmates. For WEEKS I have been sent in circles because they "cannot receive my email from an address that doesn't match the one on my account".

However, this morning, I logged into my Postmates/Uber account to see if anything had happened in the app support-wise, and upon doing so I realize I needed to change my password. When I went to change my password, I was prompted with a message reading "please check your inbox for a*****@***** MY EXACT EMAIL ADDRESS THEY HAVE BEEN TELLING ME THEY CAN'T RECEIVE MESSAGES FROM BECAUSE IT'S "NOT MATCHING MY ACCOUNT". I am sick and *** tired of Uber and this *** CEO is out there prancing around, rich out of his *** because of his criminal company. I.

Am. Suing.

Update by user Sep 17, 2021

Still no acknowledgement from Uber or UberEats! The longer they ignore me the worse it's going to get.

Update by user Sep 10, 2021

Researching consumer rights and what options I may have legally is as far as I have gotten at this point. Uber/Ubereats have not given me any helpful responses.

Update by user Sep 09, 2021

So far I have gotten nothing useful or remotely helpful out of Uber and/or what's left of Postmates.

Original review posted by user Sep 09, 2021

A few months ago (around June) I noticed I was being charged $9.99/month for a "Postmates Subscription" - as it reads on my bank statements. (Since then, Uber and Postmates have merged). So naturally, I seek support through their app. I logged into the app initially with the intention of cancelling the subscription, asking for a refund, and moving on with my life. However, when I opened the app, I was told there was no subscription on file for my account. Ok, weird, so I send a request for further support.

From there, I receive an email asking for further details, screenshots of the charges if possible, etc. I oblige and send IN WRITING the exact date/amount of the charge, the first 6 and last 4 digits of the card on file, my email, phone number and a brief description of what happened from my perspective. I ask for the subscription to be turned off, as I cannot locate it to do it myself, and for a refund. I immediately get a response that they cannot receive my email because it does not match the one on file with my account. Again, weird. So, I go back into the app, update my email address to make sure everything is correct, and try to re-send. Same error. Fast-forward two weeks, I have repeated that process about 20 times and STILL no resolution or even somewhat helpful response from Uber. Somewhere in those responses, I received two very interesting ones. First, one that read "in the meantime, I've gone ahead and turned off auto-renew for your subscription" and maybe HOURS later I received, "we are unable to locate the charges on our end, contact your financial institution." Absolutely not. This is on you. My bank acted IMMEDIATELY to avoid further charges by UBER AND Uber Eats. The blatant disregard and pushing responsibility onto other entities is insane. And how the *** can you turn off auto-renew for a subscription, but you then turn around and can't locate the previous charges? Make it make sense!!!!!!!!

I get another charge for the month of August. Now I am angry because not only are they dancing around my problem, they are still taking money from my account. So, my next plan of action is to delete all payment methods from my account. Upon doing that, my bank assumed fraud was involved and cancelled both of my bank cards. Mind you, this happened about a week prior to Labor Day Weekend, so I was without ANY form of payment for close to two weeks. Now I am not only frustrated by Ubers horrendous customer support, but my daily life has been disrupted.

I take to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, you name it, to get Ubers attention. I even went as far as to email their merchant/restaurant line to get someone to notice. None of those efforts worked. So, I tweeted Ubers CEO, DARA KHOSROWSHAHI, literal seconds after he had posted a tweet from his personal account. Still radio silence. At this point, I have exhausted quite literally every option I have within the law and my sanity to get them to acknowledge this. Frankly, they should send me a paycheck for doing THEIR JOBS thus far.

I realize they think I will quit trying after a few failed attempts like most everyone else, but I will not. I will either get issued my refund or I will sue. I am at my wits end with this. Maybe I'm crazy for pursuing a refund for some $30, but it's the principle. I am a broke, recent college graduate and they are a multibillion-dollar company. They can absolutely afford to refund me. They can absolutely afford to respond to my requests.

Maybe it is just me, or maybe Uber is just irresponsible, negligent, ignorant and completely unprofessional. (Personally, I think it's the latter.) How can you be responsible for moving hundreds of thousands of human beings EVERY SINGLE DAY and maintain Z E R O responsibility for literally anything.

Uber and Uber Eats, I mean this from the bottom of my heart and soul: I hope you go bankrupt. I already know I will see you in ***

User's recommendation: Use LYFT for rides, always cheaper and, well, it's not Uber and their *** Use GrubHub or DoorDash for delivery, they cater to a wider range of pick-up options (such as groceries) than Uber does. Save yourself the time, money and headache and do not utilize uber's services. They do not give a single *** about you as the consumer, in their eyes you are a dollar sign and nothing more.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ubereats Subscription.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Ubereats Pros: No pros con they dont resolve.

Ubereats Cons: Awful customer service, Dodges responsibility, Unresponsive, Sees customers as dollar signs, Steal from customers with no accountability.

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