I am really enjoying being a member of Uber Eats and really appreciate the deals youve sent my way. Im in the middle of a disability appeal any income I have is scarce.

Im not upset bc Ive been in the restaurant business most of my professional life, so I understand hiccups every once in a while; they are inevitable. I still thought you would like to know because my experience last night was not the norm. My food was delivered to the wrong house, but was mo big deal bc I spotted it from next door. My order was incomplete and my meatball sub was cold.

I insist that no one get in trouble here. I just thought you should know. I did receive my 2 liter a half hour later, so that was greatly appreciated. I also prefer that this be a private message to Uber Eats and not hit the press.

I also have an inquiry.

I would very much like to drive for Uber Eats and my DMV record is spotless and I have no points. Its a job that I could still perform well with my injury. I had to sell my car & many other things to get by during this difficult time. I think the answer is probably no but I was wondering if your Company provides Compay Cars at all or possibly a lease to own situation.

If Im wrong, I would really appreciate somebody reaching out to me if possible. Thanks so much and have a good one, Webb

Webb Brown (Halcey 1st name)

1803 Westwood Ave.

Richmond, VA 23227


User's recommendation: Great Company providing a wonderful service.

Location: Richmond, Virginia

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