I need a full refund, full refund was given and taken away then when I try to place an order for another restaurant the credit was no longer there I receive the email around 650 stated that I have received the full amount of my credit which is $24 and change when I checked my email again around 12 1 oclock it had changed to $16 and change which is *** I should be credited for the delivery fee etc. when I went to try to even apply this Credit of $16 and change I was not even allowed to do that it was no longer available around 10:20 PM somebody tried to access my account from Houston Im guessing Texas and I had to reset my password and that is for the Uber and Uber eats so Im assuming that is a reason why but for my email my email is the same so theres no reason why they should have changed my credit that was posted

My accountmy account

User's recommendation: Use DoorDash they answer the phone.

Ubereats Pros: Diversity of food, Stay home, Get it deliverd.

Ubereats Cons: Terrible cs support, No easy contact for issue resolution, Never use this service again, Cheat, Took way to long to deliver and all the food was cold.

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