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This was my 1st time using uber eats, my son uses it all the time. I made my order and then realized it had the wrong delivery address and I couldn't connect to the help section to edit the address so as to not inconvenience the "driver" as I know everyone in the world may be experiencing hard financial times I called the restaurant directly and they said no problem we'll change the address and let the driver know

I also asked if they could make a note to have driver go to 2md driveway.

Again I couldn't get connection for help. I was outside watering plants, I seen lights at 1st driveway and I said go to 2nd driveway- he screamed no! So I walked to the road and said sorry I asked to have u go to 2nd driveway, his car remained at 1st driveway he aggressively walked towards me saying no u didn't u just changed the address, this is dangerous and this sets me up for robbery. I didn't say anything he stormed off, motioned for the driver.

Whoever that was driving, to come on, he grabbed the order from the trunk and walked back to me and I said you are a very rude person and he came at me and *** you lady, blah blah you're a Trumpican! Let me say one thing, I was left shaken at the manner in which he approached and spoke to me and that Uber has a person with that short of a fuse delivering to homes and families. His name is Brian. I am so upset, I just spent over $50 but I removing his tip cause I'll be dammed if l'll pay someone a tip and receive that kind of service and be spoken to that way.

People have bad days but that was uncalled for. I am requesting a phone call from Uber, I want his full name because if he comes back to my property I will call the sheriff in 2 seconds flat!

Again I'm appalled at that behavior and that he is in this service type of business where he relies on tips!! As a company offering food deliveries I would definitely get rid of that dead unless weight.

Preferred solution: Do a better job at screening potential hires and do background checks. Honestly I lost my appetite I am still so upset. This was the worst experience I've ever had with a delivery driver. I've never had an issue close to this. .

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