We ordered 3 meals and an appetizer from Stone bowl last night. The delivery was on time but the only thing delivered was one meal.

I didnt realize this until the delivery guy left. The restaurant told us they couldn't do anything about it and we'd have to contact Ubereats which I attempted to do but they have no live assist. I attempted again this morning and still no phone customer service. They sent an email stating they would refund me for the amount that didn't come, however, I would like to know what happened with the rest of my order and a full refund since we had to eat cereal for dinner.

We had company and this wasn't exactly what we planned for dinner! I will NEVER use Ubereats again unless I can speak to someone who can tell me what happened and unless I recieve a full refund.

User's recommendation: Do not use Ubereats.

Location: Asheville, North Carolina

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