I placed an online order for the 1st time And I have no idea what happened I changed the address several times because I was in New Jersey but yet it kept going back to a New York address I contacted the driver when I realize that still was continuing to go back to a New York address after placing the order she completely ignored my messages I could see that she read them but chose not to respond continued on to make the delivery anyway Then I finally got her to answer her phone after she had already made the delivery, and she was very snotty and said to me, I just drove 15 minutes to drop this off If you have a problem contact Uber For a refund which took a while to finally get a hold of someone but Once I was able to actually contact Uber eats I did receive a refund, but I am rather annoyed that this woman now gets to walk away with the tip for being rude to customers who tried to immediately warn her of the situation before she made her 15 minute drive Needless to say she is the person who chose to work for Uber eats

User's recommendation: Double triple quadruple check the address and if there's an issue with it not changing properly contact Uber eats before placing your order.

Location: Edison, New Jersey

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