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I have a huge issue with something that continuously happens to me and the way you guys resolve the problem.. when I place an order and the delivery person delivers to the wrong address and I end up waiting for food that never shows up but then only get refunded for the amount of the food but not the tip it is very upsetting.

Why should I be tipping for food that I didnt even get to eat????! It is absolutely absurd not to mention the delivery person shouldnt get a tip for being careless!

This has happened to me numerous times and yall owe me at least $50 worth of free food at this point from all the tips Ive given out for food that never made it to my door. I just had to re order food I had just waited an hour for and still end up almost $8 short after your refund I NEED compensation and that needs fixing immediately it is truly unfair

Location: Austin, Texas

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