Contacted customer service. Credit was started back to credit card..

requested and uber eats credit but was not given for me to reorder missing orders. The orders were for my children's dinner and credit takes 3-5 business days to be credited back to cards.. soo I cannot reorder cause the orders were for $70.00+ and now I'm suppose to reorder another for $70.00+ ? That's $140.00 off my credit/debit card..

it's Friday and the process won't start till Monday and will take a week or more to process.. seems unfair to be out soo much money when most people are on a tight budget these days and $140.00 is a lot of money... I asked to speak to a supervisor to ask about an uber eats credit and was told that would take up to 24 hrs.. Really!!?

That's doesn't help my child eat dinner now.. I won't ever order again thru your app.. there are other apps available to order the like Grubb or doordash..

Poor customer service.. all around..

Location: Dallas, Texas

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