Last saturday i placed two orders from two different places one after the other. The first one was from Chipotle a chicken quesadilla and the total was about $26 something.

Then right after i placed an order from rickys liquor store for sparkling rose two bottles and the total came out to about $48 something. I never got neither order and was fully charged for the chipotle order. I called rickys liquor store and they told me that the guy had tried to call me and returned the bottles. She says that the order appeared canceled and that i needed to contact uber eats.

I could see the $48 pending from rickys which have now cleared on my account instead of coming back as a credit as i was promised by the agent on the chat that saturday. I was algo charged $15 for the rickys order for the return. I could also see that night the$26 something dollars charge on my card from chipotle.

The point is that i was promised a full refund but its been a week and this has not happened.

Another thing i never got a call.

My phone never rang and i never had a missed call.

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This is what it says on the receipts but i dont see it on my back account as a credit as of yet. Also i should be getting the refund for the $48 from rickys because although the order was " canceled" the $48 charge to uber eats went thru on my card.

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