I ordered a big dinner from KFC over on 8th Ave in the west 50s of Manhattan NY and I spent over $120 on my order not including the tip when my order came I looked in the bag and there was only like sides 3 sides no bucket of 10 pcs chicken no biscuits no large I think 12 pcs of. Chicken fingers fries nothing and theres no way to get in touch with customer service I almost flipped out this is the worst customer service representatives to get a hold of how u gotta do it is unprofessional I dont think o wanna order from them again and definitely not from that KFC this is 2nd time it happened first time I took it as a loss but no not this time I want my

Money back period!!!

User's recommendation: Don’t order from KFC on 8th Ave over in the w50s in NYC they have horrible service and don’t order u we eats from u we bc they have no real customer service representative so u run into an issue ur gonna get screwed bc no one to talk to!!

Location: New York, New York

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