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After unsuccessfully ordering food from grubhub because they lost my order I opted to order from uber eats. I was contacted by a driver named Juan who spoke no English.

After a tenuous back and forth on the phone I was able to make out that he would be there in 10 minutes. He called back and said he was in the lobby of my hotel. When I went downstairs there was an order waiting for me from a totally different restaurant with a name similar to mine but it was not the food that I ordered. I was not able to call him back because the number he called from was saying it didn't recognize my number.

I was unable to contact the restaurant because they basically had no official website or phone number and it was too late to contact an uber eats rep by phone at the hour. After unsuccessfully trying to order food since 7pm from two different restaurants through two different apps I had no food and only frustration to show for it and I need an explanation and some form of compensation for uber eats screwing up so royally besides the refund. Had I been contacted earlier if there was a problem or at least been able to communicate with a driver who A could speak English and B could wait five minutes for a customer to get to a hotel lobby I would've been able to at least address the problem directly on the spot or at least make other arrangements for dinner AGAIN. Instead I am going to bed mad and hungry with no human being I can present my issue to in real time.

This sucks majorly. If this is how I can expect to be treated in the future I might as well delete your app now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ubereats Delivery Service.

Preferred solution: A credit towards a future order due to immense service failure..

Ubereats Cons: Never received my food.

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