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I did my first delivery for Uber Eat today around 3:30pm from McDonalds to customers address. After I picked up the order and then delivered it, I had problems with my phone going offline, I couldnt be sure that Uber had received the message that I had completed the delivery.

It took me nearly an hour to reinstall the app and get it up and running.

When I checked my account, the delivery wasnt in my account and I hadnt been paid for the delivery.

I then had the deeply frustrating experience of trying to contact someone in Uber Eats. I looked through the app trying to find an online chat and all I got was a load of instructions that didnt have my specific issue of my delivery not been recorded and my non payment.

I rang the helpline and finally spoke to the customer care team but they said that there was no delivery on my account that day??They told me that I should wait 72hrs and if it didnt appear in my account I should ring back??

This Micky mouse faceless system is deeply frustrating and leads people into stress and anxiety.

User's recommendation: Work for someone else who is willing to employ people to chat to fast food delivery drivers when they have these problems.

Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland

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