The representative that assisted me with my concern displayed characteristics of a great customer service representative. He listened to my concern and inquired about providing an image, which I was able to provide.

He was able to advise about the next steps and make sure that the restaurant be informed of my dissatisfaction so that they may improve. The images on Uber eats looked nothing like what we received. I mean given that things sometimes dont look 100% identical, but they come close to what is displayed in terms of items within it. What my husband and I received for $10 each does not in any shape or form look like it could be a $10 chicken burger.

Our chicken looked like a frozen patty with Mayo and ketchup with some spicy flavor salt. If this is supposed to be a kimchi chicken burger, then it cannot deceive people from the image displayed on Uber Eats. Our onion rings had flour in the batch that was not cooked properly all throughout it.

Literally, the fries were the only item that was satisfactory. Other than that, I was truly disappointed and will never order from this establishment.

User's recommendation: Be transparent with your customers and don’t display what you cannot provide.

Location: Piscataway Township, New Jersey

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