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I ordered from a Restaurant and gave them exact specific instructions on what I wanted and how I wanted my order; I even called ahead to ask just to make sure they could do what I needed and I was told yes they could. My order was suppose to take 45-55min but it took a 1 1/2 hours to come and when I came they didnt do anything I asked of them my order was completely wrong.

The rice was covered in gravy even though I asked for it on the side. I asked for specific pieces of meat they gave me whatever they wanted and when I called the restaurant they can only say sorry but they do not have enough meat to fix my order. I call UberEats customer support and explained the situation, the representative was kind, she listened to me and apologized for the inconvenience; the. She offered to refund the money I spent since my order was incorrect and I had also notified the Restaurant about the issue.

I appreciate the customer service department for how they handle cases like this and for holding the restaurants accountable. Thank you

User's recommendation: Always notify customer service when you have issues. I was about to let it go and just buy something else and a friend told me to call customer support and am glad I did.

Location: Mount Vernon, New York

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