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This is the worst service all around that Ive encountered in life. Im a diabetic and order food because I wasnt well enough to get out of bed and drive to the store.

I received a phone call from the driver. I sent him my address again because it showed an address that differed from the one on the app. I use the location service and thought that it would reflect accurately. This guy was on a timer.

He said that I had 2 minutes to change the address when he was 350 ft away. He was irritated and unpleasant. As a person who is currently in customer service. I worked for Uber on 2 occasions.

If you dont have the attitude or patients to do this. Your driver should find another profession. I order from uber eats a lot. The customer service people pretty much left me frustrated.

For that reason I want to cancel all accounts and memberships with Uber. Im highly disappointed. I dont want anything from you guys. No food credit , I dont want anything.

I just want out. Your team Dropped the ball with me.

Location: Ontario, California

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I hope when you worked in customer service you had to deal with customers like yourself. Maybe you should stock up on food when you are well so that they do not deal with your abuse.One bad experience and you want to cancel everything. Not very loyal in the first place.

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