I will never go through Uber eats again. They have screwed me.

First I ordered food. My total with tip was around $28 and I was charged almost $43. I was paying $9.99 so I wouldn't be charged delivery when I ordered from certain places. They still charged me partial delivery fee when it said it was $0 delivery fee.

My rent check almost bounced because they took too much money out. I canceled my account with them so I wouldn't be charged $9.99 again by them. They just charged me again this month. You can't call and talk to a human being.

I have sent like 20 text to them to try to get a refund and have not gotten one.

It looks like I'm going to have to cancel my bank account and open a new one so they stop taking money out. They will steal from you.

User's recommendation: Don't do it.

Location: Cupertino, California

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