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I placed an order with Budgens Catford I ordered four items which were two bottles of regular Pepsi 1.5 L which came to £5.38 I ordered Richmond super king green filter cigarettes pack of 20s which was £13.79 I ordered one 2ltr bottle of schwepps lemonade which was £3.09 in total £22.36 I paid and I have the receipt showing it was paid half an hour later I received a notification saying how I owe £27.33 for the exact same items which cost me less than £25 for it they have no business charging me again for the exact same items youre not getting my money so you best cut it off my account so I can use and access my account I had my receipt and it shows clearly I paid for my grocery and it was not £27.33 it was £22.36 you add it up and you will see it comes to 22.36 and not 27.33 And it shows in my bank account £22.36 was paid Exactly what I was charged on my receipt so I really do not understand where youre getting £27.33 from when my order did not come to that Im upset and Im disgruntled and Im really not happy about this

Location: Hackney, England

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