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I called today for Uber Eats. I ordered my food and it was

picked up by a driver. He had the address of my office but

I did not get the food for 8 minutes after he picked it up and was supposedly waiting at my address which was wrong because when I called him back he said he was in front of my office. He

never came in and then he said he didn't know the building. I

gave him the address 5 times and explained where I was. He was

very rude and when he finally came in the office I was so upset that I said Thank you good bye. He never apologized for making

me upset and not being where he said he was when he said he

was there. NEVER AGAIN will I use UBER EATS because of his actions.

Reason of review: driver was rude and could not find the place after giving him the address 5 times.

Monetary Loss: $16.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Location: Schaumburg, Illinois

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No one cares about your complaint.... Pack a lunch the next time loser...

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