The last time I used Ubereats to order breakfast for my wife while I was at work the driver was really rude and gave a bad attitude to my wife. He was asking my wife for a code of some sort which was never asked before and demanding my wife to call me to get the code or else he will take back the food.

Since I was at work I did not have my phone with me at the time she tried to call. Since she couldnt get a hold of me the driver told my wife that he will be taking the food back, remember this whole time the tone and attitude that this driver was giving my wife was not friendly like other Ubereats drivers that delivered to my house before. He also tried to call me asking for a code with an attitude, but I did not get the message until after work hours later. After my wife closed the door a few minutes passed by and she heard a noise outside our door.

When she opened the door the driver decided to leave the food on the floor and not ring the doorbell or text or notify us that he left the food there and therefore a neighborhood stray cat got into the bag and ate the food.

I told the restaurant about what happened and they said they will compensate me for what happened. But that was one real bad experience I dont want to have again.

User's recommendation: Ask if the restaurant you are ordering from delivers and use them instead they will be more customer friendly since it will be their food and customer they are delivering to.

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