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Janet was my Uber eats driver, she refused to deliver my food to my door because there wasn't an elevator! I ask her with respect that I ask for the service because I have my mom with Alzheimer and I cannot never leave her alone, and I was sick too, and she just screamed at me and told me that it wasn't her problem!

She said that she don't do stairs! And then she just left my food in the door outside the building! Lithely in the street! And send me a picture as a delivered when I told her with respect that I was going to cancel my order and I said thank you to her!

All the time, she was screaming at me and being rude! She doesn't know if people are having struggles in their lives and ask for a service just because they cannot go outside! And that's my case!!!! That was a so bad experience!

No empathy at all for me as a consumer! People need to understand their work! It's a delivery service! You paid for it because you need that service!

If you don't like, or you don't want to do stairs! You are in a wrong job!!!

Preferred solution: I already have my refund! But is good to let driver’s know what they should do!.

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