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I'm staying in a motel and the address and room number can clearly be seen on my account. When the driver was en route, I messaged him to let him know my room is on the second floor.

He told me that he is not allowed to enter buildings and I explained to him that there is no building to enter, all of the rooms doors are outside. He responded with "oh, ok". 10 minutes later, when he was still 6 minutes away, he I got a call from support saying the driver contacted them and told them he couldn't deliver my food because he couldn't enter the building. Again, there is no building to enter.

When someone pulls into the parking lot, they are literally looking directly at the staircase and doors to all rooms on both floors. He either went to the wrong address or decided he didn't want to deliver my food because according to the app, he never even arrived at my address. So support canceled my order without even bothering to contact me to confirm he was at the right place. When I called them and explained what happened, they told me they have no system in place whatsoever for reordering the food or sending another driver when the driver wrongly cancels the order.

I seriously doubt this is the first time they've had this issue and yet they have no system in place to deal with it.

So basically it's "sorry, but you don't get your food because we screwed up." Oh, and by the time they were finished not helping me, the restaurant was closed so I couldn't reorder my food. Gave one star on everything because zero stars is not an option

User's recommendation: Call restaurants that have their own delivery people. This is the 4th time in 4 orders they've screwed up.

Preferred solution: Change in their policy so customers can still get their food when the driver screws up.

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