i would like to know what happened to the pay that drivers are not getting, I live in las vegas and as gas prices rise how does uber expect drivers to make any money with deliveries at between 2 and 4 dollars.just today I had to go about 10 to 12 miles and spent about 40 minutes in traffic to deliver this food for 9.58 it seems that you want us to make more deliveries for the low rate and it isn't fair to the drivers, I have been driving for about a year now but I'm losing interest in it because the money isn't there anymore, also when picking up grocery orders it would be nice to see what the order is I really don't like showing up to pick the order and it fills the bed of my truck and then it's usually a second floor apt for 5 or 6 dollars not worth it I enjoy the job but getting a little frustrating when you make 6 deliveries and go home with 25 dollars not very profitable thank you for your understanding. I would really like to speak with someone who can do something with these problems

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

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