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Ester, was horrible to work with. I gave detailed instructions.

The exact address with building name. It is a well known building on the campus. Ester said she was at the right address, but she was not. Every time I called to ask her where she was, she said she was outside the right address, which doesn't make sense if she was nowhere to be found.

She also hung up on me over the phone multiple times. Then, when I kept calling to try and find my food, she blocked my phone number. Which I then went through the apps help section to have Uber connect me. Which she then hung up again.

She was rude on the phone, didn't even make an attempt to find the correct building. Her English wasn't great, I don't know if that had anything to do with her not locating the right address or understanding my CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS. I have ordered through Uber eats for a while now, and I have never had service quite as awful as that. I don't know what Uber can do about it.

But she was awful, and I would hate for other people to have the experience that I had. The food was ordered for my boyfriend and his lab partner, who literally haven't been able to leave the lab and were starving. They are both PhD students at UCSB. My boyfriend even left the lab to stand on the side of the road.

I told her that in the messages, I also gave her his phone number. She did not call him, she did not stop or try to drive to him from where she sat and set her 8-min timer in the wrong location. I'm appalled at the service and disappointed because these guys have been working so hard all day, and they just wanted some food. They didn't receive any food, and I tried very hard.

She just seemed not to care.

I hope this doesn't happen to someone else. I personally would never want to order food and have it be in her care ever again


Monetary Loss: $55.

Preferred solution: I personally believe that Ester knows nothing of customer service and should probably find a new job. But thats just my opinion. I do believe however some sort of disciplinary action should be taken if you don’t relive her of her services. .

Ubereats Pros: When it works its good.

Ubereats Cons: Service service service.

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