There is no longer a choice to leave at door. I had covid earlier and i had to take off my mask to yell the stupid code that we have to tell the Uber eats driver now.

I understand its so people dont steal our food, but just make it so if a person doesnt get their food, dont pay the driver and just charge the driver for it. If they have a problem, then they can call Uber eats support JUST like the customers have to deal with. Ive also had my Uber eats account for 2 years and it says Im no longer allowed refunds (unless i call basically) but its not my fault that you guys mess up. I shouldnt have to deal with it every single time.

Also Uber eats drivers should check the order before picking up. A lot of times I dont receive the correct order and the Uber eats driver does not care because either way they get paid. Its fine because I dont tip the bad drivers, however Im sure there is a way for the drivers to rate customers and I dont want to be rated badly just because you guys messed up. Idk if thats how it works to be honest, but drivers should be better prepared.

And also make the instructions bigger for the drivers because they never listen!!! I tell them not to ring the doorbell because it will make my dogs go crazy and wake up everybody in the house, but they always do. They do not give me a minute to come downstairs to answer the door when i get the Uber eats notification that they are here.

This one guy comes up to my door, rings the doorbell, gives me a broken bag without a mask on. Then Uber eats decides to say Im out of refunds (OVER THE SPAN OF 2 years Ive had 6 refunds) thats not a lot for how many times Uber eats messing up.

User's recommendation: Get another app.

Location: Fair Lawn, New Jersey

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