I made an Uber order today for $23.43 and when I went to look at my bank account to make sure that it was all right and it got taken out of my account I had noticed that there was three charges for the same one order one that was one dollar another one that was $33.40 and then another one that was $23.43 I tried calling the helpline and I got sent to a voicemail that said this is the customer service line we cant talk to you over the phone right now text us on the helpline on the app so I did and then I got a text back saying please explain your in a brief detail what what happened and whats going on so I explain to them that there is multiple charges for one order I would like to get my refund back for the two charges that were not correct and then I didnt hear back from furlough 30 minutes and then when they did respond back they just said sorry for the inconvenience I know its frustrating seeing extra charges on your account X please explain in detail what is happened and we will get back to you later so I explained it again and I explained it three times and they just said the same thing over sorry explain in detail and will get back to you later and I kept explaining it and then I asked can I get the phone number so I can talk to a representative over the phone its easier that way and then they just stopped so what I am seeing from this is that theyre just scammers and trying to get extra money out of people since theyre obviously not wanting to help

Location: Boise, Idaho

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