The company has a unreasonable delivery guidelines. If your staying in a hotel there address my not be specifically correct based on uber eats and if this is the case your not getting your delivery based on my experience.

I text the driver where I was and really felt like I went above what would be expected from customer. When I called the driver to see where they were at they said they were there unbeknownst to me they were at the wrong address. I told the driver where I was and the driver refused to deliver because of company policy. They chose to waste the food a healthy order that would have feed 4-6 people.

I was pissed and trying to get any responses from the company is so hard its a joke.

I wont ever order from this company. I realize my situation may be an exception but how they handled the exception was poorly

User's recommendation: If something goes wrong your not getting your order.

Location: Portland, Oregon

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