Recently after having complications with my health and being stuck in a care facility subjected to the food they which wouldn't even suffice for inmates in correctional facilities an orderly turn me on to Uber Eats and I thought it was awesome for a moment until I recognized there were numerous charges I did not make and while trying to resolve it Uber was of no help other than a sorry for your luck type of response because there is no customer service to speak to only a chat line and there are only so many pre typed responses you can choose from that just run you in a big circle and you're stiff with a bill the only recourse you have is to dispute it with your bank. They have a great security problem with your information especially if you're not providing your card number each time to someone when they are used and most the time some *** just leave the food out front or does it even hand if you directly if all you're doing is picking up food from a restaurant and delivering it to someone else and not far away you don't deserve a tip for doing your job especially when it takes an hour or more sometimes just to get your food and it's dead when you get it wet cold and not worth eating to begin with and then when you want to dispute a charge or as for a refund from *** service we give you such a run around most people think they're hopeless and forced to pay their fee and they also work it out to where your tip is automatic before services are rendered so it doesn't matter what kind of job the delivery driver does they're getting more money than they paid hourly and you got to reprogram the internet or Uber just to keep it from automatically tipping these folks which most time they don't deserve and if you're in my situation and if you would like to eat instead of go hungry most the time it's your only option.

Someone needs to seriously look at the way their business is done and have another go at their business model especially their method of payment based on their quality of service I mean I never gone to McDonald's in order to breakfast meal and got just bread and cheese cold coffee excetera garbage and I mean Xtreme garbage and anybody that takes a hold of your telephone if you don't know they have it can make exuberant charges through them and there's no backup for security measure to keep them from doing it and no one to speak to directly at Uber Eats when it happens. Let's just say you've been warned proceed with caution when dealing with this company make sure you pay close attention to your charge card if it's on your phone

User's recommendation: Pay close attention to what you order and how much you charged or you'll get ripped off easily.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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