Ordered a pizza it was $55 took two hours to get to me and it was cold when it got to me. I know that my driver had to go and deliver another stop before he got to me then he couldnt find it it was cold outside but I ordered the pizza around five or so and got it around seven I wasnt concerned about it being that late but I was thought maybe they had had it in a box or something to keep it warm the cheese and everything was hard I was able to eat it still left her a microwaved it. I sent a review and I called the pizza place they told me it was Uber eats fault havent heard anything back from anybody Im guess Im out $55 for using Uber eats which has been pretty good before but $55 for a pizza cold is a lot of money

User's recommendation: I don’t know what to say if Ubers doing all the things I know we had another stop when he brought me my food.

Location: Derby, Kansas

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