The instructions for delivery that I wrote were to ring the doorbell to alert us to the fact the food was here. It was Mexican food (tacos) and a grilled chicken salad.

According to Uber eats updates they said the food would be here between 520 and 5:35. At 5:40 when the doorbell still hadnt wrong I went to check and Shernoff the food was sitting there probably from the temperature of it on a 30 night since 520. I had used Uber eats once before and received the wrong food. Unbeknownst to me I had a $25 credit that was applied to the cold tacos and chicken salad.

Since the bill came to $6.50 more than the $25 credit the only thing Uber eats was willing to credit me for what is the $6.50 So basically they replaced the $25 for the wrong order the first time and then stole it back for the ice cold food the second time.

The extremely unprofessional person that I spoke with stated the only thing they would credit me for what is the missing sauces and jalapeños. Which by the way are free. When I asked to speak with a supervisor he told me a supervisor would tell me the same thing. The only thing Uber eats will give you a credit for is missing items or wrong items.

This unprofessional individual Further lied and said the instructions that I wrote were to just leave the food.

Since our front door is in the front of our house and theres a solid door that we cannot see through and we are normally in the back of the house - The only way we would know somewhere here is if they knocked on the door or rang the bell.

Certainly, if a noise like that was made the four dogs in the house with the further alerted us to the fact that someone was here.

Uber eats is two for two and they wont get a third time with us. I can only describe their customer service person has unprofessional and as much as he was argumentative and snotty.

User's recommendation: My recommendation for future customers is to use DoorDash or to have their food delivered directly via restaurant. Uber eats does not care about their customers.

Location: East Northport, New York

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