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I need to talk to a rep about FRAUDULANT CHARGES but DO NOT send me to that form that wants me to pay 19.99! I have already paid enough for sone one else.!!

A representative CSN call me at 693.507.2442 and my name is Lori. I am reaching out to you via PISSED CONSUMER.COM. My bank is ready to have their attorney deal with IberEats if I dobt get anywhere with this, as I have bern trying since 9.30am today!!! A thief abused my bank account, UberEars did not VERIFY THE NANES MATCHED OR THAT THE THIEF EVEN HAD A CARD BECAUSE THE CARD WAS WORTH NE IN ANOTHER STATE!!!

UBER EATS DRIVERS ARE IRRESPONSIBLE, reckless, avarice, total lack of concern for others, don't care about legalities, they dont corroborate any information to make sure the person charging that card actually owns that card! They do not care about being lawful, proper, concerned, and certainly they're not interested in any way with what's right and legal and how they'd want to be treated. Certainly UBER LLC doesnt care either as there I'd no phone foe the consumers, only restaurants and drivers!This left me to have a long discussion eith my banking institutions attorney who informed me I can sue for many, many times the amount I am out due to their total fraudulent behavior! Never mind the company making it crazy difficult to call them!

You helped the guilty party now I am going to 100% take the advice of the attorney! I am a lawful person and didnt expect UBER to be so nasty, unhelpful, make it completely difficult to be reached like they think fraudulent charges and thievery is acceptable behavioral!!

I certainly hope it happens to you one day and you're in my shoes!!!! This will also be posted on PISSED CONSUMER.COM!


Location: Mentor, Ohio

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