These past couple of months with me moving locations I have been having a horrible experience with Uber eats. I do not own a vehicle so I do rely on Uber and ubereats for getting me around and getting food to me.

When I first moved into my place I had multiple orders not delivered to me. I had to fight tooth and nail to get a refund which I thought that that was very very disturbing. Today it happened again I ordered squirt soda from 7-Eleven and it did not show up on the map The Uber driver was right in front of my door but did not deliver my things. I tried to email customer service but they constantly kept disrespecting me telling me that even though that this is just happened that they cannot give me my money back.

I seriously hope that since this multiply happened to me not getting my items that there's not a sort of red flag on my account because every day I will be emailing Uber until I get the respect that I deserve a dependent customer for many years I do not deserve this. The last two agents hung up on me that was very disrespectful and I do not deserve that nor will I tolerate that from a service that I depend on and spend a lot of money with on a weekly basis. I need this rectified ASAP. Uber does not have permit to treat me any kind of way and I hope Uber is not doing this to other customers capitalizing on other customers due to covid due to their situation maybe not being able to drive out you know I don't own a car or maybe you guys feel like you're raining so much that you can exploit people I will not be exploited and I Will do anything by any means necessary to make sure that this gets corrected.

I also have noticed that Uber prices have went up and Uber eats prices have went up and it's becoming unreasonable. And right now me not getting my orders or Uber is not paying close attention to what the employees are doing I should not have to suffer for it or any other customer for that matter.

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

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