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There is a hold on my Uber Eats account that preventing me from making any future orders. This is incorrect because I never received my order from Five Guys on 7/16 in the amount of $29.

The delivery person handed me an empty container with no food. I therefore utilized the help portal on Uber Eats reporting this on that same day. No one responded to me. Hence I had no choice but to contact my bank reporting the issue.

Again i asked them to remove the hold placed on my UberEats acct and they refused emoved.

I guess there is always Grubhub/Seamless. It just such a shame since I been using UberEats for almost 4 years now and all because UberEats wants me to pay for food I didn't get and failed to respond to customer get ju receive anid respond to there custo

User's recommendation: USE Grubhub/Seamless.

Monetary Loss: $29.

Preferred solution: They need to remove the hold off my Uber Eats account. I will not pay for items that I did not receive. I absolutely refuse. .

Ubereats Pros: Taking money that dont belong to them.

Ubereats Cons: Horrible customer service help.

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Liar.. You were not handed an empty container.

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