received an email offering free delivery. After viewing what restaurants used them, saw one of my favorite places.

Even though it was an hour wait we still decided to order. Receive a message that the currier was there to pick up the order. Two minutes later get an order cancelled message. Call the resturant, they never accepted the order, that stooped months ago because how low it took drivers to come pick up orders.

They have been trying for months to get UberEats to remove them. 10minutes get a message that the driver was approaching. Driver calls and can't find my address, tell him he is about a 1/2 block away, instead of driving, he walks here. I ask him of he is sure its my order as the order was accepted.

He said yes, I paid cash for it, so you can reimburse me. No way! I already paid through paypal. I check my checking, the right amount is deducted.

About a half hour later get an email that GrubEats has adjusted my total by $4.61, then later another email that it was adjusted again my $7.81. I am in the process of disputing the two adjusted charges with paypal.

User's recommendation: stay away.

Location: Grafton, Wisconsin

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