I recently placed an order through Uber eats I submitted the order and it said that my order did not go through and was canceled. Therefore I replace the order for the exact same items and was charged.

I looked at my bank statement and I was charged twice once for the canceled order and ones for the actual order it so I reached out to Customer Service and they were of no help stating that the charges pending were just pending charges I sent them a screenshot showing the pending charge it has cleared theyre no longer pending therefore what is the charge is needed to be refunded.

Basically Customer Service kept reiterating that I was not double charged and that one of the charges was from December 5 however that December 5 charge was on a completely different debit card than what the December 11 one was on I sent several screenshots to the customer service rep and chat who clearly did not have any intentions on helping me with my issue and getting it resolved appropriately.

I will NEVER recommend this service to anyone as they do not care one bit about double charging people & refusing to refund one of the double charges.

Horrible customer service and of course she tried calling the customer service phone number in which they tell you they can assist you they have no representatives so youre stuck dealing with a chat rep who doesnt understand or look at screenshots to show the proof that I have. Go with a different company such as GrubHub or any of the other ones because clearly Uber eats does not care about their customers!!!!!!

User's recommendation: Go with a different delivery service!!!!!

Location: Round Lake, Illinois

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